Our Governing Body

Who are we and what do we do?

We are a team of volunteers (comprised of staff, parents and community representatives) who work closely with the Headteacher to make key strategic decisions to ensure the successful running of the school, that standards of achievement are raised to make decisions on the school budget and staffing.  Our most important job, of course, is to make sure that pupils are getting the best education possible.

How can we be contacted?
The Governing Body (including the Chair) can be contacted via the school office; our one parent governor can often be found at the school entrance/on the playground at the beginning or end of the day and are more than happy to talk to fellow parents should you wish to speak to them.

Minutes of Meetings
The Governing Body meets regularly and the minutes of their meetings are available via the school office should anyone wish to see them.


Name  Role  Type of Governor  Appointing Body  Term of Office Interests
Nicola Archenoul Chair of Governors

Chair of Resources Committee

Pupil Premium and Vulnerable Groups


Co-opted Governor Governing Body 22/04/2018 – 21/04/2022 None
 Trevor Croucher Vice Chair of Governors



Co-opted Governor Governing Body  05/02/2020-04/02/2024 None
 Jane Shields Headteacher Head teacher Exofficio N/A 01/01/2015 onwards Employee
Shellie Hyde EYFS


Staff Governor Staff 11/09/18 – 10/09/2022  Employee
Tom Gellett Computing

Website Compliance

Co-opted Governor Governing Body 06/12/2017 – 05/12 2021 None
Chloe Brown Maternity Leave (October 2020 – ) LA Governor Medway LA 10/10/2018 – 09/10/2022 Ex Employee

Staff member of another Medway School

Paul Brivio PE & Sports Premium Co-opted Governor Governing Body 05/12/2018 – 04/12/2022  None
Kerry Seales Deputy Headteacher Associate Governor

(no voting rights)

Governing Body 12/09/2017 onwards Employee
Claire Reed Mathematics


Co-opted Governing Body 13/05/2019 – 12/05/2023  None
Neil Charlwood English

School Council

The Arts (Music, Art)

Co-opted Governing Body 10/07/2019 – 09/07/2023 None
Danielle Geoghegan Health & Safety Parent Governor Parent elected 27/09/2019 – 26/09/2023 None
Craig Heardman Parent Governor Parent elected 08/09/2020 – 07/09/2024 None
Ray Holbrook Premises Associate Governor Governing Body 9/10/2020 – 08/10/2024 Governor of a Kent Primary School

Managing Director of Holbrook Electrical & Engineering

Resigned 11/7/19 Tanya Terry Co-opted Governor
Resigned 4/9/19 Rebecca Brain Co-opted Governor
 Resigned 01/12/2018 Patrice Adams Co-opted Governor None
 Resigned 06/11/2018 Safoa Mensah Associate Governor None
Resigned 6/6/2020 Ellie Wood Parent Governor Parent elected None
Resigned 4/12/2019 Esame Diyan Co-opted Governor Governing Body None
Resources Team
 Lead Governor Nicola Archenoul
Trevor Croucher
Jane Shields
Paul Brivio
Claire Reed
Neil Charlwood
Danielle Geoghegan
Kerry Seales


Governing Body Meetings
Full Governing Body meetings take place usually six times a year during which the business of the school is discussed. Each meeting contains detailed information about the standards and achievements of the pupils (including a breakdown of vulnerable groups); safeguarding; financial management; health & safety;  staffing and professional development. The FGB monitor, review and challenge pupil progress and attainment data and provide strategic oversight of the delivery of the school curriculum. The FGB monitors the School Improvement Plan at each meeting, evaluating the strategic development of the school. The Governing Body also timetables in the opportunity for subject leaders and members of the Senior Team to provide information about the areas of responsibility they hold.

In addition we hold separate Resources Team meetings to focus more specifically on school finances.

Resources Lead & Chair of the Governing Body (Nicola Archenoul)
The main purpose of the Resources Team is to have strategic oversight of the school budget, buildings and staffing.  In particular, it ensures that the school operates in accordance with its Finance Policy as well as that of the Local Authority.  This includes ensuring value for money and that budget spend is to the benefit of the pupils’ education.


Academic Year 2019/2020

Governor Attendance 2019 – 2020

Academic Year 2018 – 2019

Governors attendance 2018 – 2019

Academic Year 2017 – 2018

2017.18 Register of Attendance FGB Meetings

2017.18 Register of Attendance Curriculum Committee Meetings

2017.18 Register of Attendance Resources Committee Meetings


Governing Body Profiles:

Nicola Archenoul

I joined the Governing Body as a parent governor in 2006 as my two children attended the school. I became Chair in 2011. I have 23 years experience in the Civil Service working for a Government department with responsibilities in managing change and leading effective teams.

Being a governor has given me an insight into the running of a good school and most importantly an appreciation of the time and effort put in by staff to ensure they deliver the best education possible for your children.

I am very proud of our school and believe that it does the best for all the children that pass through. However we are always looking to improve and I am keen to support the staff team in all that they want to achieve.

Chloe Brown


I have been a governor at the school for five years now having originally been the staff governor representative. I resigned from my post at Crest in September 2018 to take up a promoted position as an Assistant Headteacher at another Medway school and in October 2018 I was re-appointed to the Crest Governing Body as the LA Governor.

I have particularly enjoyed seeing all the wonderful things the school does, not only for the education of the children, but also for their families and the wider community. My role as a governor is to focus on inclusion and vulnerable groups.

My personal passion is for all children to be given the opportunity to be the best they can be and this is something I know, from first hand experience, plays a vital part of the ethos behind everything Crest Infant School does.

Tom Gellett

I originally became interested in becoming a governor after previously in my career wanting to become a teacher and also now having a young son of my own who is about to start his school journey.  The role has opened my eyes and given me opportunities to understand how the school and all it’s staff work to deliver the best possible outcomes. Growing up and living in the Medway area I feel very strongly about giving back what I can to local children and schools so I hope in my role as a co-opted governor I can continue to deliver this at the school.  Outside of my governor and professional work role I am a keen cyclist and soon to be triathlete (attempting to be), which helps challenge me and raise funds for many charities nationally and locally to the community and school.

Ray Holbrook

I originally joined the governing body as a parent governor in 2012 where I served a full term. In 2016, I became a co-opted governor and in 2017 Vice Chair of the Governing Body. I moved to Rochester 10 years ago and I love the area. I run my own electrical contracting and engineering company and work all over London and the South East.

I developed an interest in how the school was run and the effect a good start in school life would have on the children when my eldest daughter started in Reception at the school. I believe that governors have an important role to play and that our experience from outside the school system helps us to question decisions, bring fresh ideas and support the school in fulfilling its duties to the children.

I am very proud of how the school has moved forward since Jane Shields became head teacher  in 2015 and really believe that Crest Infant and Nursery School has a bright and positive future ahead.

Paul Brivio

Paul has had experience of working with Sports England and is passionate about health and wellbeing. Paul seeks to support the leadership team to provide quality sport and PE opportunities for the children at Crest.

Claire Reed

Claire works in the Adult Education sector and has many strengths to bring to her role as a governor in the Primary sector. Claire is our designated governor for safeguarding and for mathematics.

Neil Charlwood

Neil has two young children, both of whom now attend Crest. Neil works in the health sector and was interested in becoming a governor as he could see how committed the staff team are at the school. Neil currently leads on English and School Council. He thoroughly enjoyed attending a Council meeting just before the COVID-19 pandemic started and is looking forward to when he can do so again.

Danielle Geoghegan

Danielle has two children who attend the school. She is supporting us with Health & Safety which is especially important at this current time. Danielle is one of our Parent Governors and represents the parent community.

Shellie Hyde

Shellie has enjoyed working at Crest in a full-time, part-time and supply teacher capacity for many years and has taught all age groups. She am currently teaching in the Nursery for two days a week and leads the School Council. Shellie has been married for over twenty years and her husband works in pharmaceutical logistics. Shellie has three sons who are now either working or at university. She really enjoys cooking and reading as well as taking Sully, her dog, for long walks. At the weekends Shellie is usually to be found on a rugby field watching one of her boys play rugby.

Trevor Croucher

Trevor had many years experience of being a school governor in another Medway primary school before joining the Crest team. He was a Chartered Accountant prior to his retirement and has served as Finance Lead as well as Chair of Governors in the past. Trevor lives in Medway and is married with two daughters and twin granddaughters.

Craig Heardman

Craig is the newest member of the governing body but has had a connection with the school for almost 10 years when his oldest daughter started at the school. He is extremely supportive of all that the school does and now his younger daughter is set to leave the school, Craig wanted to give something back.