Term 6 2021 – Home Learning for a period of isolation

Weekly Planning:  Home Learning for week beg 28.06.2021

Lesson Film Clips:

Monday 28th June:    Mrs Jones introduces the learning       Mrs King’s Maths

Tuesday 29th June:   Experiment     Maths    Storytime Part 1     Storytime Part 2

Wednesday 30th June:  Challenge Part 1    Challenge Part 2   Maths   Storytime

Thursday 1st July:       Challenge     Maths    Storytime

Friday 2nd July:           Challenge    Maths    Storytime


Term 4 2021 Home Learning

Week beginning 01.03.2021

Planning: Phase 2  Term 4 week 2 Phase 2 BEG              Term 4 week 2 Phase 2 END

Planning: Phase 3  Term 4 week 2 Phase 3 BEG              Term 4 week 2 Phase 3 END

Lesson Film Clips

Monday 1st March:                 Literacy     Maths     Early Blending (Phonics)    Story

Tuesday 2nd March:              Literacy      Maths     Tricky Finger Challenge     Grandad’s Medal (Part 2)

Wednesday 3rd March:         Literacy      Maths     Tricky Finger Challenge    Memory Game    Story – Gruffalo’s Child

Thursday 4th March:             Literacy      Maths      Topic     Story – I am Special, I’m me

Friday 5th March:                   Literacy      Maths      Tricky Fingers Challenge

Previous Week

Week beginning 22.02.2021

Planning:  Phase 2  Term 4 week 1 Phase 2 BEG       Term 4 week 1 Phase 2 END

Phase 3    Term 4 week 1 Phase 3 BEG      Term 4 week 1 Phase 3 END

Lesson Film Clips

Monday 22nd February:                  Tricky Fingers    Literacy      Maths    Story

Tuesday 23rd February:                                                 Literacy      Maths    Story

Wednesday 24th February:            Tricky Fingers     Literacy      Maths    Story

Thursday 25th February:                                               Literacy      Maths    Story

Friday 26th February:                     Tricky Fingers     Literacy      Maths    Story


Term 3 2021 

January Bookshelf (additional stories to share at home)

Greenacre Sports – Resources for PE and Healthy Living

Week 6 (8th-12th February)

Weekly Learning Plans: Week 6 Phase 2 BEG    Week 6 Phase 2 MID    Week 6 Phase 2 END     Week 6 Phase 3

Lesson Film Clips

Assembly for the week- Rocky Racoon & Respect (you can choose which day to watch it)

Monday 8th February:                 Colourful Semantics     Literacy    Maths    Tricky Fingers

Tuesday 9th February:                Following Instructions   Literacy    Maths     Story    Extra Snow Day Story

Wednesday 10th February:        Following Instructions Part 2   Literacy    Story    Maths   Chinese Dragons – Tricky Fingers   Extra Story

Thursday 11th February:            Literacy Part 1     Literacy Part 2     Maths    Topic   Story

Friday 12th February:                  Literacy     Maths    Tricky Fingers    Story


Reception Topic Web – Amazing Animals

BBC Bitesize links

BBC Bitesize Language & Literacy ideas

BBC Bitesize Maths ideas

BBC Bitesize Character, Wellbeing & Emotional Development Ideas


Other useful resources

Number cards

Number formation

Practical Ideas Pack