Behaviour Policy

starWe believe that every child and adult in our school community has the right to be a member of a learning community, a community which is a safe and secure environment without fear of prejudice, violence (including bullying) or discrimination.

We have high expectations and achieve this through agreed classroom and school rules, rewards and consequences. Through our emphasis on developing children’s character, we develop the individual’s sense of responsibility, tolerance and understanding of themselves and others.

We always aim to give reward for demonstrating our character traits, whether this is for learning, their contribution to class or for their behaviour. Good behaviour will be encouraged, modelled and reinforced at all times.

Please review our Behaviour, and other policies for further information.

Here at Crest Infant & Nursery school we pride ourselves on the behaviour and attitude of our children and much of our work centres around the development of children’s character.

We inspire our children to ‘reach for the stars’ and be a star learner in accordance with our STAR learner ethos ie


Team members who

Aim high and show

Respect for themselves, other people and our school


We do, however, have basic expectations which are:

  • Be gentle
  • Be kind and helpful
  • Work hard and let others work too
  • Look after property
  • Listen to people
  • Be honest