Parent Survey 2019 – Feedback

‘I love the community feel at Crest’

‘Please don’t change anything’

‘You don’t just support the children, you support the parents too’

(Quotes from parents)

Thank you for the 92 responses to our survey for 2018/19 (+16 on 2017/18).

Please find below, a summary of the responses:

(% of those who strongly agreed or agreed)
 100%  happy face  My child enjoys school 
 100%  happy face  The school keeps my child safe and cared for.
 98%  happy face  The school deals effectively with any cases of bullying (2 negative responses but an improvement of 3% since 2016)
 99%  happy face  I believe my child is taught well at this school (1 negative response)
 100%  happy face  My child is making good progress 
 97%  happy face  The school gives me ideas to support my child’s learning (3 negative responses)
 95%  happy face  My child receives an appropriate amount of homework for their age (5 negative responses and an improvement of 6% on 2018)
 99%  happy face  My child is expected to work hard and do his/her best (only 1 negative response)
 99% happy face  The school tries to make sure its pupils are well behaved (only 1 negative response)
 99% happy face  My child understands the behaviour system at the school (only 1 negative response)
 100% happy face  The school encourages my child to have a healthy lifestyle (an improvement of 5% on 2018)
 100% happy face  The school makes sure my child is prepared for the next stage in their education (an improvement of 4% on 2018)
 99% happy face  I feel comfortable approaching the staff with a concern or a question (only 1 negative response)
 97% happy face  I am provided with clear information about what is happening at the school (3 negative responses)
 99% happy face  There are appropriate opportunities for my child to join in clubs or activities (an improvement of 4% on 2018)
 100% happy face  The school is well led and managed
 100% happy face  I would recommend this school to other parents or carers 

Homework – we were pleased that more parents were happy with the amount of homework given. Two of the negative responses came from parents of Nursery age children and we wouldn’t usually give homework at this age. However we may look at how we can promote activities for you to share at home with your Nursery child.

Healthy lifestyles – we are delighted that the work we have been doing is having a positive effect. One parent praised how we listened to their comments and took their ideas into consideration.

Ideas to support learning & information about progress – We were pleased that this question received fewer negative responses than last year. One parent did say they would appreciate information on how we teach Maths so we will look at perhaps offering some parent workshops or information evenings in the next academic year.

Please do ask your child’s teacher if you would like additional support other than what we currently offer i.e:

* Termly topic webs which have information about the kinds of learning that will take place

* PIP grids (as well as part of homework, these also let you know what sort of activities the children might be covering

* Parent Information Evenings

* EYFS Stay & Play Sessions

* Parent meetings e.g. transition and moving to a new year group

* Mid-year and end of year reports

Open door- please do talk to your child’s class teacher if you are concerned or would like some ideas as to how to support your child.


Communication: We send out weekly newsletters now as well as giving diary dates in advance and texting reminders on occasions. However, we are clearly still not reaching all of our parent community so we have set up a closed Facebook group which is only open to parents of children at the school. We hope this will help.

THANK YOU so much – we are delighted that you think we are doing the best we can for your children