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At Crest Infant School and Nursery, Speaking and Listening, Reading and Writing is an enjoyable experience. We want all of our children to be able communicators, fluent readers and writers.

Fundamental to all the aspects of your child’s development is the fostering of the spoken language. Poetry, stories, plays and songs all help to support this development. Interested parents maintain a high level of “input” and ensure that their child joins the library, starts a book collection and can express themselves well in conversation, as well as developing the ability to listen attentively to others.



We aim to help each child develop the habit of reading with satisfaction and pleasure. Your child will bring home a book as soon as he/she starts school and you will be asked to write comments in the Home/School Contact Book.

Children are able to choose books from a wide range available in each class library as well as reading through structured schemes and story and non-fiction books. Our books are colour coded so that children can progress and we use a range of reading schemes to provide variety.

More information can be found in our Reading Policy: Reading Policy 2018




Children learn to write by writing. They are encouraged to “have a go” and write for themselves, applying taught skills. All children are taught phonics and knowing their sounds helps them to work out words for themselves when reading or writing.

Children are taught a legible cursive style of handwriting (pre-cursive in YR) and a good attempt at spelling and neat, careful work is expected. Children are  encouraged to write for a number of purposes and for different audiences. Some examples include the writing of lists, letters, cards, poems, reports, stories, diaries, jokes, prayers and messages, as well as many others.

We provide a literacy rich environment for all children. Specific reading and writing skills are taught daily. Children will have opportunities to read Big Books with the class, to take part in guided reading sessions to learn about grammar and punctuation, as well as phonics and handwriting. Part of a typical Literacy Lesson will be spent teaching the whole class but children will work in groups for a proportion of it. Adult support will be vital during the Literacy Lesson and parents are invited to help in the class during this time. Some of the work will be linked to the termly topic.

Reception aged children will be introduced to more structured Literacy sessions gradually throughout the year.


We use the ‘Letters and Sounds’ programme for teaching phonics in our school. Click on the link to find out  more about How we teach phonics

Click here for more phonics information


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