Helping Hands

Term 4 2021 Home Learning

Planning for Term 4 week 2

Additional Resources

Great Fire of London Reading Comprehension                  Spelling T4 wk 1

Lesson Film Clips

Monday 1st March:                              English     Maths     Phonics    Topic   Assembly

Tuesday 2nd March:                            English     Maths      Phonics    Topic   Story

Wednesday 3rd March:                       English     Maths      Phonics    Topic   Story

Thursday 4th March:                            English     Maths      Phonics    Topic   Story  Assembly

Friday 5th March:                                 English     Maths      Phonics     Topic   Story

Previous Week

Planning for  Term 4 week 1

Additional Resources

Lesson 2 Toy Story news report      Lesson 3 and 4 Helpful hands for editing


Lesson Film Clips


Monday 22nd February:                   English     Maths    Phonics    Topic    Story

Tuesday 23rd February:                    English      Maths    Phonics    Topic    Story

Wednesday 24th February:              English      Maths    Phonics     Topic   Story

Thursday 25th February:                  English      Maths    Phonics     Topic   Story

Friday 26th February:                        English      Maths    Phonics     Topic   Story

Amazing Animals

Term 3 – January 2021 Home Learning

Week 6 (8th February 2021) – Planning

Term 3 Week 6 Learning Plans

Additional Resources for Reading

#Teacher Guidance – KS1    SATS Survival Year 2 Reading Skills Display Posters

Step 1 – Starting Reading Skills   Step 2 – Developing Reading Skills    Step 3 – Building Reading Skills

Lesson Film Clips

Assembly for the week – Showing Respect  (you can choose which day to watch it)

Monday 8th February:                     English     Maths    Phonics   Topic (Music)   Story

Tuesday 9th February:                     Assembly     English    Maths   Phonics   Topic (Music) 

Wednesday 10th February:             English     Maths     Phonics   Topic (Music)   Story(read by one of our ex-Y2 pupils)

Thursday 11th February:                  English     Maths     Phonics    PE – exercises in the snow!  Story

Friday 12th February:                      Assembly    English      Maths     Phonics   Topic (PE)    Story





Term 3 Amazing animals PIP homework

Amazing Animals Topic Web



BBC Bitesize Activities for Year 2

The site updates with new lesson ideas each day and past ones are on there too. Please do not feel you have to use this though but it might be useful to dip in and out of. –  additional resources for most subjects