Crest Infant & Nursery School

Overarching Priorities for School Improvement 2018 – 2021

Click here to see our 2020 – 2021 focus areas: School Improvement Plan Overview 2020-2021

Outcomes for Learners


Well-targeted support ensures learners make at least expected progress aiming for attainment which is in line with or above national expectations for all children and for all vulnerable groups.

Overall success criteria:

No child is ‘left behind’


Teaching, Learning & Assessment

Teaching is of consistently high quality in all subjects, resulting in outcomes which are above the national average and progress which is at least good for all children.

Overall success criteria:

We will develop a creative curriculum and assessment framework which is based on the needs of our children and is founded on the principles of effective learning. This will lead to increasingly creative teaching and learning in the classroom and in our outdoor learning spaces.

Personal Development, Behaviour & Well-being

Ensure an environment where no groups of pupils are disadvantaged by low attendance; where everyone is supported to be resilient, collaborative, resourceful and respectful; where the well-being of all is given a high priority and where the culture of safeguarding is strong.

Overall success criteria:

Our children, staff, parents and visitors to the school feel they are in a safe environment wherever they are within the school site and understand their responsibility to keep themselves safe.

Leadership & Management


Further develop leadership capacity, at all levels, to ensure accurate self-evaluation and strategic planning which promotes continual improvement across the school.

Overall success criteria:

All groups within the school community feel they have ‘a voice’ within the school. This includes the children.


EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage)

The quality of the learning, teaching, safety and welfare within the EYFS will be at least good.


Premises Development

The physical environment of the school is inspirational, safe, well maintained, and supports learning well.