On Tuesday the 8th November we had a very busy and exciting day with anti-bullying workshops and Kidzfit workshops in school. In the anti-bullying workshops the actors used puppets to help the children to understand what is means to be bullied and their role in helping other people. Some parents attended as well and we thank them for participating in this. We do not have an issue with bullying in our school (as recognised by Ofsted, 2016) but young children can be unkind to one another at times and we need to support them in managing this behaviour.

Kidzfit is what it says – how to keep ‘kids’ fit! The children took part in lots of activities and got puffed out! This was good for their bodies as they learned. The day ended with an assembly where we celebrated some of the children’s achievements from the day.

We were really lucky this year and had two members of the Royal Engineers Regiment from Brompton to visit us and help us to remember all those who keep us safe.

Sergeant Scott and Corporal Ray took assembly and then talked to each class about what they do as a soldier. We were all really excited and we thought that when Ray put on his gas mask he looked like Darth Vader!

As part of our remembrance work, we all made a poppy and some children wrote a ‘thank you’ message on the back to say thank you to all the soldiers and other people who look after us.

There are some photographs of the day in our ‘galleries’ section of the website.